A dispatch from Jane on the road in Detroit


Incredible experience today in Detroit, Michigan filming the story of Holocaust survivor Mania Salinger for the upcoming documentary film Night Will Fall. The filmmakers are using a green screen and a red camera so they can place Mania alongside footage of her younger self from the liberation of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp in Germany. She was one of the survivors who greeted liberating British troops on April 15th, 1945. She was filmed by the British Army film unit and is part of my father, Sidney Bernstein’s film Memories of The Camps – the film that was never shown. Today Mania identified herself in a still from my father’s film. She told us that of all the camps she lived in during the war (including Auschwitz) Bergen-Belsen was the worst: “It was a death camp. You lived day after day waiting for a piece of bread”.