Young people are reacting to the attack on reproductive freedom

We spoke to young people who have grown up in a country with a constitutional right to abortion about the attack on reproductive freedom.

Lily, 16

I am young, and with that I have always been told to keep my mouth shut because I do not know what I am talking about. However, how are men allowed to make laws surrounding my body without taking my opinion into consideration? I feel helpless and ignored as a girl with a uterus growing up in America. I used to applaud our country for being so progressive, modern, and free, but now I simply cannot.

I hope that the people who came to the decision to overturn abortion rights know what they are doing: they are causing more problems for people of color, anyone who is not rich, and those who are victims of rape, incest, and domestic abuse. Shame on everyone who supports this: you are creating a world where anyone with a uterus now has to live in fear. Keep your religion off my body, and stop treating me like a pawn in your war for power.

Dounia, 16

Personally, I am pro-choice, so Roe v. Wade being overturned to me is so unbelievably angering. Now, I have to live in a country that does not support women or their rights. We are taking a step back in history and a step back in women’s freedom. I know that I am protected in my state but it is still so upsetting knowing all the women that are in danger. This decision is not stopping abortions: it is stopping legal and safe abortions. It is truly scary knowing that if I ever were to get raped and got pregnant, I would be forced to carry that fetus to term. I am protected for now in my state, but for the thousands of other women in other states, this is a sad but true situation they are in.

Gia, 17

In all honesty, at the time of writing this, I still don’t feel like this is real. I haven’t been hit with the reality of the disgusting decision our government just made. Deep down, I know I feel sorrow, confusion, and anger, plus many other emotions. Roe v. Wade protected so much more than just abortion; it was a lock on a door protecting our rights to life, healthcare, and love. The best words I can think of right now are mourning and rage, and to have men making a decision like this is even more angering: men that will never understand the tragedy they just caused. This isn’t only an attack on women, it’s an attack on anyone and everyone with a uterus. I hope and wish that we continue to fight for ourselves every day until we are safe, and given back the control to our bodies.

Sadie, 18

At this point, I think it’s funny; there has been a war on women for decades that politicians deny exists, and then they take our rights away. So I’m at the point where I feel out of control for what’s happening around me. They’re trying to create a society with unrealistic standards, and it is putting women in life-or-death danger. Growing up I had such high expectations for the government, and the first year I can legally vote is the year they start stripping away my rights.