Genocide Awareness Month

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3 Generations has been making films exposing genocide and honoring victims and survivors. One of our first films, The Devil Came On Horseback, came out in 2007.

But if you dig a bit further into our history you’ll find it goes even further back to April 1945 when Sidney Bernstein, the father of our founder Jane Wells, was with the Allied Forces when they liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. In his role as film advisor to the Ministry of Information, he was responsible for overseeing the film units that documented Nazi atrocities. Back in the UK he was tasked with producing a feature length film, German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, about the camps. In the fall of 1945, however, his Ministry of Information superiors closed down the production; the film was not completed or shown. As an old man, he told Jane Wells that the greatest regret of his life was not completing the film.

Since then we’ve been able to release German Concentration Camp Factual Survey and have documented the stories from genocide survivors from around the world including Armenia, Rwanda, and Cambodia.

Join us this month in commemorating genocide awareness month. Activities and events listed in the video.

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