2023 Youth Video Contest: 15 – 18 Award

My Day in Kyiv in Summer 2022

Directed By: Elina Myshanych

3 Generations is proud to present the 2023 age 15-18 Award to Elina Myshanych for her film My Day in Kyiv. Filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine this film captures the everyday life of a little girl during the current Russo-Ukrainian War. With an intro from award winning actress Harriet Walter, this remarkable film showcases a brilliant young talent and exposes the realities of life during war.

Elina Myshanych is a 12 year old actress and director who was born in Kyiv. She has studied film at the London Film School through the Virtual Club, an online lab called Yellow Bus, and the Kids Movie Film School. She is the author of three short fiction films and a short documentary film, which won several festival prizes in Ukraine. 

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