Jane Wells and TRICKED star, Sgt. Daniel Steele at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

 Sgt. Dan Steele getting “techy” with Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Vivian Graubard and Danica Macavoy of CGI

This week, Jane Wells and TRICKED star, Sgt. Daniel Steele, were invited to participate in the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. The meeting’s theme, ‘Mobilizing For Impact’, brought together hundreds of the world’s leaders and thinkers and provided Jane and Dan with the ideal platform for them to share their work. On Tuesday, Jane participated in the ‘Storytelling: A Tool For Action’ session in which she shared 3 Generations’ efforts to utilize storytelling as a tool for both survivor healing as well as advocacy. On Wednesday, Dan spoke on the ‘Human Trafficking: Sporting Events as Opportunities for Advocacy’ panel, sharing his personal experiences fighting sex trafficking in Denver and discussing how we can combat human trafficking at the upcoming Super Bowl*. Jane wrapped things up yesterday, speaking at ‘The Myth and Promise of Data for Social Impact’ session in which she discussed 3 Generations’ efforts to coordinate cross-sector support for our film, TRICKED, and action in combating domestic sex trafficking.

Reflecting on his first experience at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting Dan feels that, “participating on the panel at C.G.I. was a truly great experience. Not only were the other panelists extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, but the audience was participative and fully engaged in the discussion. I felt honored to be included with such an impressive group.” Jane seconded Dan’s comments, adding that the most exciting thing to her at C.G.I. was, “the promise of collaboration and the heartfelt offers of members of this administration to support everyone’s efforts in fighting human trafficking.” As an organization, we’re so proud to see Jane and Dan standing alongside so many of the world’s most innovative thinkers and leaders. Their dedication, and the dedication of every other leader at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, shows not only the impact that one individual can have, but more importantly, what can come from the concerted effort of a group of dedicated leaders. Let’s pray these feelings of hope last!