Jane at the Berlin Film Festival

3 Generations founder┬áJane Wells has just returned from Berlin, where she has been since Friday. As you may know, the reason for her visit was the screening of her father Sidney Bernstein’s unfinished documentary, originally called ‘Memory of the Camps’ but now going by ‘German Concentration Camps Factual Survey‘. The film was shown twice at the festival, on Sunday and then again on Tuesday, following a screening of a new companion documentary called ‘Night Will Fall‘. The importance of this project to 3 Generations cannot be overstated, it is an integral part of the story of our foundation. This was the first public showing of the film since it was broadcast by PBS in 1985, and it has since been augmented and completed. By all accounts, the screenings were a success and the footage still has the power to move, shock and disturb.

3 Generations founder, Jane Wells, attended the screening of her father’s film at the 64th Berlinale.

The Berlin Holocaust Memorial