Inside America's sex trade who is tricking whom?



Running time

75 minutes

Directed by

John-Keith Wasson and Jane Wells

Produced by

Jane Wells and John-Keith Wasson

Distributed by

First Run Features

The Internet has created the golden age of the sex industry. It’s an 87 million dollar a day business and it is growing.

The allure of pleasure is only one click away. And now it’s on your smartphone.

Tricked offers the definitive portrait of sex trafficking in America today. The culmination of three years of filming in cities across the country, Tricked chronicles the girls, pimps, johns, parents and law enforcement in cities such as Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, Orange County, Los Angeles and New York.

Thousands of new sex workers enter the trade each month. Some opt in by choice, but most don’t. Unsuspecting victims fall prey to the elaborate schemes of predators, who are charming, street smart, unscrupulous, and often violent. They know that a girl can generate upwards of $300,000 a year.

As the sheer volume mounts, so does the abundance and severity of harm. Key people, including ’good’ cops and legislators are fighting for change. In certain cities, the word ‘victim’ has replaced ‘prostitute’ and pimps face harsher sentences yet nationwide, the men – and sometimes women – who peddle girls continue on with impunity.

Tricked is available for public screenings.

Download your Tricked screening toolkit here.

Download our Tricked impact report here.


Produced by:Jane Wells
John-Keith Wasson
Directed by:John-Keith Wasson
Jane Wells
Executive Producer:Nadia Zilkha
Producer:Cristina Ljungberg
Director of Photography:John-Keith Wasson
Edited by:Craig McKay A.C.E.
Beth Moran & Francesco Portinari
Music by:Wendy Blackstone
Sound Design by:Ron Bochar, C5
Sound Edit by:Billy Orrico
Associate Producer:Leslie Norville
Additional Photography:Trudy Hutcherson
Greg Poschman
Saleem Steele
Yvette Tomlinson
Jane Wells
Elizabeth Woller

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