Pot Luck

The war on drugs has failed but is legalization of cannabis the answer?



Running time

77 Mins

Directed by

Jane Wells

Produced by

Jane Wells, Simon Brook

Narrated by

Robin Quivers

Distributed by

Giant Pictures

Now available for streaming.

Five years after the people of Colorado voted to legalize recreational cannabis, Pot Luck presents a colorful cast of locals including businessmen, budtenders, barbers, cops and farmers, who all share a stake in the brand new world of legalized pot. Gathering their stories and experiences the film looks beyond the headlines and hysteria and asks: Is this blazed new world a good one? Have the injustices of the war on drugs been addressed? Is drug crime down? What about personal liberty and access to alternative health care? Is legalization synonymous with greater social justice? 


Directed by:Jane Wells
Director of Photography:Emmanuel Bastien
Edited by:Barbara Boussuet
Produced by:Jane Wells
Nadia Zilkha
Simon Brook
Narrated by:Robin Quivers
Original Music by:Christopher North
Associate Producer:Jamie Brandel
Post Production Supervisor:Francesco Portinari
Additional Camera:Eric Dettle

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