20 Favorites from 2020

The spirit of 3 Generations has always been in the telling of important, yet not widely known, stories. During 2020  this work never stopped: despite many operational and other challenges, we made a massive effort to produce new content that is timely and powerful and continues our mission. 

As we begin the new year, I wanted to share some of our favorites among them.

Pot Luck Trailer
Preserving the Holocaust Trailer
Thought of the Day: Bill Joy
Ayni Relief Project
Vote for Those Who Can’t
Earth Day
Sex Trafficking
Firing Squad
Yom Hashoah
Wounded Knee
Thought of the Day: Ann Curry
Typhus at Bergen Belsen
Native American Heritage Month`
April Is the Cruelest Month
Rohingya Genocide
A System of Justice Trailer
Veteran’s Day
Highlights of 2020