A Different American Dream

On the edge of the magical Badlands in Western North Dakota, lies the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, home to 6500 members of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes. There the night sky burns with a thousand points of light from the flaring oil wells, but these are not the lights of hope but the flames from a new version of hell.



We believe in the term “ecocide.” The portmanteau refers to all threats to the earth and our environment. We began to document environmental threats to Native American tribes in 2014. We visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to learn about the looming risks to their water supply caused by the actions of the oil industry upstream in North Dakota. Our feature documentary, A Different American Dream, chronicles the environmental degradation experienced by the MHA nation on the Fort Berthold Indian reservation at the hands of the oil industry. In 2016, we made a short video about the impact of climate change in Greenland. Our work continues as the world grapples with climate chaos.

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