Can You Smell The Change In The Air?

Church of Cannabis, Denver, Colorado

Walk down the street of almost any city in the USA today and the waft of marijuana greets the nostrils. Perhaps this pleases you, a sweet smell that confirms we have made strides against the failures of the war on drugs. Maybe it also shocks you if you have memories of zealous police arresting folks for recreational use of weed. For parents of youngsters it can be confusing and challenging, but pity the cannabis-addict (and yes it can be a serious addiction) for whom it is a constant assault. However you react, make no mistake, it is here to stay.

Six years ago we made a movie Pot Luck: The Altered State of Colorado that examined the impact of legaliztion on the first state in the USA to do so. Taking a balanced view we asked some tough questions about social justice and legalization, showing that some of the promises of “progress” were not being fulfilled. Little has changed in the intervening years. The film is more relevant today than ever.

Aurora, Colorado

Have you seen it? If not, take a look: If you saw it, thank you for your support and we ask that you re-watch it now. 

Watching the film today, what do you think? Are the nuances more clear today than before? One thing we are especially proud of at 3 Generations is that we tackle complex issues long before they reach the mainstream media! Groovy pot shops with fabulous interior designfailures of racial equity in ownership of dispensaries – we told those stories years ago. 

If you’d like to set-up a watch party or a screening in your community, I would be happy to zoom in and share some of my thoughts and experiences. Just let us know.

By Jane Wells